By subscribing to our CSA, you are investing in your local farmer and his family.  That is super awesome!  We really appreciate your support! We look forward to exceeding your expectations with our best efforts and produce.

However, we also want you to know right up front that you receive the benefits of our labor by supporting us.  But you also accept some of the risk involved in farming.  A CSA is an investment that comes with the potential of risks.  

Sometimes, our crops may fail, and others may exceed expectations. For example: subscribers need to understand that their shares could include a lot of strawberries and no blackberries.  Or perhaps you could get lots of blackberries and only one week's worth of sunflowers.  Subscribing to our CSA means taking on a share of the same risks that our farm family takes with each crop. By purchasing a share, you are agreeing to accept both the benefits, and the risks, of crop investments.

2021 Berries and Blooms CSA

  • Our pricing is based on the following anticipated harvest amounts.  In the event of an especially bountiful harvest, our members may expect additional produce amounts. 

    We anticipate (but cannot promise):
    3 - 4 week strawberry harvest; (1 gallon estimated per harvest week).
    4 -5 week blackberry harvest; (2 pints estimated per harvest week).
    4 - 5 weeks of sunflower harvest; (5 stalks estimated per harvest week)And all CSA members will receive 2 large pumpkins per share in early October.

    All CSA memberships also receive: 
    The potential of extra produce on extra bountiful weeks.  The amount will depend upon the supply that week.
    Exclusive discounts from 10% - 25% off additional produce each week.
    Discount rates will fluctuate depending on produce type and availability. (We will be attempting a vegetable garden.  If time doesn't get away from us too much, we may have other vegetables available for purchase)
    One admission to the corn maze and 20% discounted rates for an additional 5 admissions.

    Unfortunately, we will not be offering half shares at this time.

  • CSA shares may be collected at any time that our farm is open to the public.  Due to COVID 19 and the rapidly changing regulations surrounding this time, our times and procedures may change unexpectedly.  Please be checking our facebook page regularly for real-time updates.  Safety is our top priority.  We appreciate your patience, understanding, and support as we navigate the unexpected together.