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Welcome to Our New Blog!

Welcome to the newest portion of our Sahl's Father Son Farm's website: our blog! We're glad you're here. Running a blog on our website has been a goal of ours since the earliest days of our farm. That goal has been met with one hang up after another from issues with our website host providers to the craziness of our lives just making the venture feel a little daunting. Fast-forward to today, I've run out of excuses. It's time to spread my wings and commit myself to something that I'm pretty sure will be so much fun that I could easily spend too many of my efforts here. First things first: why a blog? I hope to use this blog to give our farm friends a personal glimpse into what it's like for us to run a farm. This will be where we post farm happenings and upcoming events, of course. But it will also be a place where we can let you see a little bit of how our lives run and what makes us tick.

Sometimes we hope to be inspiring, but that assumes we can be. Sometimes we'll be just fun: recipes and family activities, anyone? Sometimes I'll let the teacher side of me indulge in a little agricultural education for both kids and grown ups. And sometimes, I'll just get really real, pull back the curtains, and let you peak in for a moment at the messy that makes our lives both challenging and interesting.

Topics on this blog will mostly be about life and farming, though I like to think, since this is our blog, I can veer off on rabbit trails if I want to. Mostly, I'm hoping that this blog serves to let you feel our heartbeat and get to know your local farm family better. Of course, this blogging thing is going to be much more interesting and affirming with your input. Please feel free to post a comment and just let us know you're there for us. Basic rules: Be honest (I need to hear your heartbeat too),

Be nice (I'm a little sensitive despite my best efforts),

Be relevant (my blog is not the place for your ad campaign, thanks!) Be real (No trolling. Please remember that behind every comment post is a real person with a soul). We're so honored to have you visit! Hope to see you again soon!

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