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Our piglets come to us as soon as they are old enough to be weaned. They love to run and the learn fast at this age. They won't be quite so quick and agile when they reach maturity. Each year, our pigs establish a sort of social order in the pen. See if you can figure out which of this year's pigs is the "alpha" pig when you arrive.

Boy and Goats

We have one male and two female goats. They were all from the same litter. Since these critters came to us over Easter, we called the trio, Mary, Martha, and Lazarus.

Girl and Goats

Goats delight kids and grown-ups alike. They love to graze on the grass or clover the children tuck between the slats of the fence.

Pony Rides

Check out the resident pony any day we are open. You can even ride him on Saturdays between noon and 3pm.


Did you know that hens generally lay only one egg per day during their laying years? And did you know that each egg will remain viable for up to 21 days until the chicken has a nest full of eggs on which to brood? This is so that she can brood on them all at once and have them all hatch on the same day regardless of when they were initially laid.

Pig Races

Pig races are sure to liven up your day and put a smile on your face! Our piglets love to scramble for the treat at the other end of the track!


The chickens' antics never disappoint!

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