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COVID-19 Updates

What to expect when you arrive:

Please understand that procedures and recommendations may change unexpectedly per state guidelines.

1) As permitted by CDC and state regulations, Sahl's Father Son Farm does not require masks in open areas outdoor. We do require masks on the hayrides where social distancing is impossible.
2) We do encourage the use of masks in any area in or outdoor where social distancing becomes difficult: such as on hayrides or in crowded areas, or while pony riding beside an instructor.  Exceptions are made for small children and those with medical conditions which prevent mask usage.
3) We have eliminated the corn box this year since it is impossible to sanitize the corn.  In its place, we are installing stationary sand diggers for our extended construction zone.  We have a new ball shoot for the young ones as well.  
4) We separated the pumpkin patch from the hayrides and planted our pumpkins closer to the entrance to give guests the option of walking to the patch if they feel uncomfortable about the hayride.
5) We will be disinfecting the hayride wagon regularly between rides.
6) We will have extra hand washing facilities (with soap and water pumps).
7) Instead of hole punches at each game location in the corn maze, we will provide single use hole punching dowels which may be distributed to the guests in the beginning of your maze games and disposed of at the end.
8) We have replaced our concession stand by inviting an award winning food truck to set up on the farm each Saturday.  Chef Food Rollin's food comes highly recommended and we look forward to enjoying some delicious food through their services! 
9) We went easy on ourselves with the corn maze design this year.  We decided this would be a good year to simplify and teach ourselves how to cut the corn ourselves.  We still hired out for the complex design, but we went with a simple pattern that we felt we could duplicate as amateurs.  Thanks for bearing with us as we learn!

Remember that we have the sunshine and fresh air on our side!  We encourage our guests to use proper social distancing, bring hand sanitizers for convenient hand care, and to have masks available for appropriate occasions.


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