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COVID-19 Updates

What to expect when you arrive:

Please understand that procedures and recommendations may change unexpectedly per state guidelines.

1) As permitted by CDC and state regulations, Sahl's Father Son Farm does not require masks in open areas outdoor
2) We do encourage the use of masks in any area in or outdoor where social distancing becomes difficult: such as when standing in line, when making a purchase, when in crowded areas, or while pony riding beside an instructor.  Exceptions are made for small children and those with medical conditions preventing mask usage.
3) Play zone: Most play equipment is closed until our autumn activities. Some areas may be available.  While we do our best to sanitize playground equipment frequently, we recommend having your children wash their hands often or use sanitizer. Children ages 3 and up should use masks in the play zone.  
4) We request that our guests alternate strawberry rows while picking. Only one household is permitted in a strawberry row at a time to encourage appropriate 6 foot social distancing. Please prepare to queue in line or sign up for picking times if we become over crowded in our strawberry field.
5) We discourage eating unwashed fruit from the plants.  To our knowledge, no evidence currently exists to show that COVID-19 is transferred on produce.  While it is unlikely that COVID-19 germ particles will have survived on fruit longer than 15 minutes of full sunlight, a slight chance still exists that shaded fruit may still harbor some germs if they were touched by other guests.  Soaking your fruit for ten minutes in a solution of 1 part vinegar to 9 parts water is a safe but effective method for removing many germs from fruits and vegetables.
6) We will provide a hand washing facility (with soap and water pumps) and hand sanitizer on the premises for your convenience.

Remember that we have the sunshine and fresh air on our side!  We encourage our guests to use proper social distancing, bring hand sanitizers for convenient hand care, and to have masks available for appropriate occasions.


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