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               CSA Memberships Closed for the 2021 Season

Berries and Blooms CSA

CSA - Community Supported Agriculture

Welcome to Father Son Farm's 

We provide your strawberries, blackberries, sunflowers, and pumpkins throughout each crop's harvest season.

During the strawberry, blackberry, sunflower and pumpkin harvests, members of the Sahl Farm's Berries and Blooms CSA will receive weekly portions of the harvest.  Each portion is called a share.

What is Community Supported Agriculture?

Community supported agriculture is a system that connects the farmer and consumer directly to their food source.  This is accomplished by allowing the customer to subscribe to a portion of that farm's harvest.

CSA members support their local farmer by pre-purchasing a base amount of produce from that season's harvest.  Each member then collects the harvest at a pre-arranged schedule throughout the harvest season to enjoy the fresh produce of their local farm. The schedule is dependent on the expected harvest times of each crop supplied within the member's shares. 

By pre - purchasing their crop share, CSA members financially support their local farmer.  In turn, the farmer is able to invest those funds into planning and caring for a full harvest for the CSA members.  Members partake in both the bounty, and the risk, of agriculture. If the harvest is more full than anticipated, the share may reflect a larger portion than expected.  In the rare and unlikely event of crop failure, the share may contain less fruit than anticipated.

Memberships are only available for purchase between January - March each year.

Our harvest will span several seasons to primarily include the following crops:


We will be experimenting with a number of other produce. Our CSA members may partake of any successful vegetable harvest at a discount of 10 -25% off.

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